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How To Make A Shot List

Watch The Video Below

Great video, George. Your template was the inspiration point for our shot list template which we’re releasing for free.

Shant Kiraz from StudioBinder

Shot list template Story

A Long, Long Time Ago…

I was hunting around on the internet for a solution to a serious problem — I didn’t have a shot list template to build a shot list for my student film project. Searching the internet for “shot list template” unearthed absolute garbage.

All the templates out there were so generic. Unspecific.
That’s when it hit me! “Why don’t I make my own template?” So, I opened up Google Sheets and disappeared for some time. 
I came out the other side wielding what was soon going to become The Best Shot List Template.

“This is the ultimate treasure map for indie filmmakers”

It Changed Everything For Me

And I mean… everything ↓



Became easier and more fun.


Film shoots

Started running smoothly.



Became a breeze because I set myself up for success from the start.

Best Shot List Template

For Ambitious Filmmakers, Directors & Creators

I want to share this updated version with you so you can experience the same life-saving experience for your film projects.

Click the button below to access the free shot list template and training. Go forth creating beautiful films and running efficient, well-pre-produced film sets. 

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It

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George this is wonderful. I was looking for a good shotlist template online but no fortune until I found this one! This one is indeed the best online and is going to be great for my project. Thank you so much for sharing! =)

Elaine Alaniz

George this was so helpful. Can’t thank you enough. :)

Jamie Brooklyn

Thanks man. You are one of those valuable persons that makes the internet better.

Josefino El Tocino

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